Kelley Householder, Executive Director, retired USAF CMSgt (E-9) served 27 years on active duty, has an associate’s degree in information systems mgmt., a bachelor’s degree in ministry and leadership, and a master’s degree Christian Counseling. He has provided Christian Counseling for the past 5 years in the local area. He has been married to Cathy (Langel) for 28 years, and has 2 daughters, one in central Ohio and the other in Longmont, Colorado. He enjoys plants and birds.

Susan Mossburg, Bookkeeper (CCoWC), has lived in Wells county 32 years and originally from Knoxville TN. She is a member of Life Community Church and served on the Worship Arts Leadership Team, as Artistic Director, and on the prayer team. She served as a volunteer and mentor at Community Care of Wells County in 2014. Susan has 18 years combined experience in banking, finance management, bookkeeping, and office management. She is currently a senior at Liberty University with plans to graduate in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Crisis Counseling. Susan delights in her daughter and two granddaughters.

Kimberly Gerber, Change Up Thrift Store Manager, focuses on the job, work training and evaluations. She has lived in Wells County for 44 years. She has served the community and the Church for many years. She has been married to Pierre for 18 years and has 2 children. Kimberly is loving the job at Change Up Thrift Store helping and interacting with people.

John Roe, Connecting Center Manager, is the Senior Pastor at the Bluffton Church of God. His wife, Heather (Shouse), of 27 years, and John had just completed their Ministerial Internship program when they were asked to come to Bluffton to fill this position in this church. They have 2 daughters, both of Elwood. His hobbies are racing HO slot cars and R/C cars.

Clem Reinhard, Man Up Transitional Housing Manager, retired in 2016 after a career in sales. He’s been involved in jail ministry for the last 15 years, and in an addiction program for inmates the last 3 years. He’s been directly involved with Community Care since 2015. Clem and his wife are members of Itown church.

Michelle Hubble, Operations Manager (G&M(W)), has a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and has served as a counselor, in this and surrounding counties, for 4 years. She took the time during these 4 years to gain, in addition to her Master’s degree, Biblical Counseling education. The last 18 months has been spent running a Biblical Counseling practice. During her counseling education and training she spent time working with women at transition and recovery homes such as, Hope Alive, Rose Home, Redemption House and Hope House, Inc. She also spent time working at an addiction recovery home, Salvation Army, as a counselor, for men. Before that, she was a stay at home mother for 25 years. During her time as a stay at home mother she was blessed to foster around 40 children in a span of 12 years, adopt 4 children (currently working to adopt 2 more), and volunteer to work with families of service members. She served, 10 years, as the leader of the volunteer group designed to support families during times of deployment, transition, and crisis in the lives of service members and their families. She married her husband, Darin 29 years ago this December and together they have 8 children and 10 grandchildren.

Jennifer Wendel, Residential Manager (G&M(W)), has been a resident of Wells County for over a decade! She loves this area and everything it has to offer people. She worked for Northern Wells Community Schools for 13 years, was the Supervisor of the Before School program for pre-k through 5th grade. Jennifer was able to watch students grow and graduate and continues to keep in touch with many of them. She worked for the BMV for 7 years and adored each of her customers. And now, she has found her true calling at Grace & Mercy Transitional Housing! Jennifer has ALWAYS enjoyed helping others and giving back! She feels blessed to work here! She attends HOPE church any chance she gets and in 2020 she plans to further her education.

Key Volunteers

(alphabetical order)

1. Neil Ainslie, Intake Interviews, Reformers Unanimous (RU) in Wells County Jail & Grace Baptist Church, and Determination Meeting

2. Lynn Dotterer, Pharmacist, Women’s Life Coach/Mentor

3. Dawn Frauhiger, CPA, Women’s Life Coach—budgeting/finance—future board member after school board term ends

4. Stephanie Gerber, Receptionist

5. Vernon Ginger, Change Up Thrift Store Assistant Manager

6. Bethany Maller, Change Up Thrift Store

7. Deb Monce, Office help/receptionist

8. Judy Neuenschwander, Intake Interviews

9. Linda Plummer, Office help/receptionist

10. Peggy Randall, Retired, Office help/filing

11. Clem Reinhard, Intake Interviews and RU in Wells County Jail

12. Rachael Reinhard, Women’s Life Coach/Mentor

13. John Roe, Intake Interviews, RU in Wells County Jail, and Determination Meeting

14. Julie Schott, Change Up Thrift Store

15. Teresa Smith & Gabby, Grace & Mercy Resident Mentor

16. Gene Valovich, Retired Industrial Electrician, electrical work as needed

17. Susan Valovich, Retired School Nurse, Intake Interviewer'

18. Mike White, Retired Hospital Custodian, Success Story, live-in building custodian