Connecting Center is a cooperative outreach of area churches seeking to help persons move out of a crisis into a safe and stable lifestyle by connecting them with people, resources, and God for lasting life change.

Services Provided:

Connecting Center
Connecting People to appropriate resources.
Connecting Center
Help Desk for assistance of rent, utilities, auto/home repair, etc.
Connecting Center
Hour long intake interview with 2 trained staff.
Connecting Center
Review household budget and spending plans.
Connecting Center
Help client determine whether relief, rehabilitation, or development is best.
Connecting Center
Build a relationship, while meeting spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental needs.

Bottom Line:

In 2019 the Connecting Center served 553 people at the Help Desk with $119,064 funding help requested. We met $16,371 in relief requests, not including the 135 referrals to additional appropriate agencies, along with 2,018 volunteer hours at the Connecting Center. The hour-long interviews and subsequent research/networking helps eliminate system abusers and ensures funds are used wisely to help people in their time of need. We do not merely meet the relief need, but provide rehabilitative programs and mentors to help clients move toward independent and fulfilled livelihood. (Hand Up—Not a Hand Out!)

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116 South Johnson Street
Bluffton, IN 46714

Operating Hours

Monday thru Wednesday
8:30am - 3:00pm